miércoles, 21 de abril de 2010

Brent Nolasco

Brent Nolasco,an artist in every sense of the word,i dunno how to explain his art,except with one word: woooooooooow,and im gonna quote him cause this frase is genius: " I create different situations and environments from the landscapes in my mind. I like to break down and rebuild surfaces using various mixed media." using all tipes of technique this is the final product.

bic buddy

arc of time

message in a bottle

Justin Tolentino

Justin Tolentino,born 1978 in St. Louis,Missouri.
He started in the scence whe he was 15,he´s an artist that paint everything from himself.
Can paint everything in anything, his work goes from art, bottles, cars, clothing,murals,prints,shoes,etc,etc.
Already has won several awards, humor and irony, thats his underground style. Thanks to the techniques the final result is a unique an amazing piece everytime.

foul play - acrylic on offset printing blanket
gore-rilla - acrylic on antique paper
ostrich daddy longneck - Vinyl record painting 12x12in

miércoles, 7 de abril de 2010

Dan Barry

Dan Barry, born December 17, 1971 in Wisconsin currently living in Austin, Tx.
He collect, cut, paste, scrape, draw, assemble to create these collage-drawings,sounds a lot but the final product its just amazing!!!
These are some of his pieces. Siamese twin and Blue face.

Feesh Meelo

Feesh Meelo he´s an Illustrator-Character Designer, born June 20,his current city is London, United Kingdom.
Toys,sketches,paintings,watercolour,even a cap you name it,he has done it!!!
this is: WATERCOLOUR MO'FO!,Jenny Neutron and meekat.
you can check his amazing art in here:

Felipe Bedoya

Felipe Bedoya is a graphic design - Illustrator,born in July 11,1986 in Cali,Colombia.
He use techniques like mixed photo-composition and painting, with 3 themes religion,duality and sexual teasing.
Felipes line of products goes from chairs,t-shits till notebooks and toys,and of course paintings.
This is his page http://www.felipebedoya.com/ and you may wanna check the shits packaging, it´s so cool!!!
This is My earthly angel,the lady for the sky and Mr. sailing.

Glenn Arthur

Glenn Arthur,born February 6,1979,hometown Garden Grove,CA.
He is a self taught artist ,a pretty awesome one!!
The art is his life and to paint is what he loves the most.
He admires some of the greatest artis in the scene like Mark Ryden,Sas Christian,Camille Rose Garcia,etc.
This is Una Máscara Para Ocultar Con Vendas Para Curar (Translation: A Mask To Conceal With Bandages To Heal) 18x18 acrylic on wood 2009.
In Love With Lament - 20x24 acrylic on wood 2010.
Your Love Is Paper Thin - 16x20 acrylic on wood 2010.

martes, 6 de abril de 2010

Christopher Umana

Christopher Umana,born October 31,currently living in Long Beach,CA.
this is "The March Hare"9 x 11 in an antique frame acrylic, indian ink, collage, and spray paint onwood. and "The Reaper" 24 x 12" framedmixed media on wood.

Chris Brett

Chris Brett,born and raised in Calgary, Toronto Area, Canada.
His works themes are love, lust, nature, manic joy & heartbreak.
you can check his art at http://www.chrisbrett.ca/.

He is currently having a spring clean/moving sale!!!

this is Frostys Lament andEye for an Eye-Guy.

Neil Winn

Neil Winn born in NY,October 9th 1975.
He makes iol paintings,sketches,3-D and FX-work,all of it amazingly done! check it out, here is some of his work.

sábado, 3 de abril de 2010

Matt Mason

Matt Mason is a break through in the art business he´s so talented and he describes himself as and i quote "I am a design loving, paper changing, image making, cat wrangling, object building, attention craving nomad artist."

Chet Zar

The very first artist i would like to add in this blog is CHET ZAR,he has a career as a special effects make up artist, designer and sculptor for motion picture, let´s just say that he is a talented man! here is some of his art! Lilith and Sleeping with the fishes.(personally my favorites)


Hi,my name is Ana, i´m 24 years old and in this blog im gonna post what i love the most lowbrow art,i hope you like it!!!