martes, 19 de octubre de 2010

Concreto3 Vinyl Toys

Ok,so last weekend i went to the concreto3 Vinyl Toys art exposition in La Casa del Lago Juan Jose Arreola,and it was awesome! there are just two rooms so it was quite small but with alot of "toys" and many many artists than have designed for Kidrobot.Mexican and International artist like Seher One,Dr. Alderete, Artemio, Beast Brothers, Carlos Dufour, Ed Sison, El Muerto, Ledy ledy, Saner DSR, Da-flow and Nahual (all Mexican).Kaws,Frank Kozik,Gary Baseman(international) and more.And the day of the inauguration they had the presence of Tim Biskup.
P.S. i got alot of pics that i am gonna upload later!!!

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